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Trailer Park Boys Authentic Group Water Pipe Bongs

Trailer Park Boys Authentic Group Bong

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The Trailer Park Boys are nothing if not authentic, so in true Canadian kick-back style, this understated peice will keep Mr. Lahey from knocking until tomorrow. The shapely flared based is super-stable and holds a generous amount of water, while the the kick in the top tube lets you relax and keep your effort to a minimum. The 18mm female ground glass slide and 14mm ground glass bowl make the Authentic Group water pipe super easy to clean, upgrade, sidegrade or adapter to whatever ground glass connection need you might have.


The Authentic Group and its components can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, rinse fully with water after cleaning.

What's in the Box

  • Trailer Park Boys "Authentic Group" Water Pipe
  • 18mm Ground Glass Female Slide
  • 14mm Ground Glass Bowl
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Custom Trailer Park Boys Design
  • Ground Glass Connections
  • White Accents
  • Designed for Flower Use