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Grav Stax Orion Package Bongs
Grav Stax Orion Package Bongs
Grav Stax Orion Package Bongs
Grav Stax Orion Package Bongs

GRAV STAX Orion Package

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STAX is the first all glass, modular smoking system. Components lock together in thousands of possible combinations. The STAX collection is a showcase for all of GRAV’s brands and design features. Throughout its seven year history, STAX has been a source of inspiration for dozens of other companies, and remains relevant even as our smoking culture evolves rapidly.

The STAX® Orion Kit is designed for versatility, allowing both dry material and extracts to be consumed through its dual-function base. The Orion Package also features the unique STAX Circle Percolator for smoother hits and a angled mouthpiece.

  • All Glass Modular Smoking System
  • 34mm Joints Compatible with STAX Bases, Mouthpieces and Percs
  • Dual Function Base with Inline Percolator
  • Circle Percolator
  • Angled Mouthpiece
  • Stemless Design
  • Joint Size: 14mm Male & 14mm Female
  • STAX Decals
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  • 1x STAX Dual Function Inline Base
  • 1x STAX Circle Perc
  • 1x STAX Angled Mouthpiece
  • 1x STAX 14mm Funnel Bowl
  • 1x STAX 14mm Quartz Domeless Nail
  • 2x STAX K-Clips

NOTE: Decal colors may vary.