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Grav 7 Stax Honeycomb Disc Base Parts & Pieces

GRAV 7" STAX Honeycomb Disc Base

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STAX is the first all glass, modular smoking system. Components lock together in thousands of possible combinations. The STAX collection is a showcase for all of GRAV’s brands and design features. Throughout its seven year history, STAX has been a source of inspiration for dozens of other companies, and remains relevant even as our smoking culture evolves rapidly.

The STAX® Disc Base is 7" tall and made on 44mm tubing. Its honeycomb disc forces water and smoke through tight restrictions, removing tar and debris. The disc base comes with a 14mm STAX® Funnel Bowl and can accommodate any STAX® percolator or mouthpiece. This base works best with approximately 2" of water.

  • All Glass Modular Smoking System
  • 34mm Joint Compatible with STAX Mouthpieces and Percs
  • Honeycomb Disc Percolator
  • 90 Degree Bowl Joint
  • Stemless Design
  • 14mm Grav Funnel Bowl Included
  • Tube Diameter: 44mm
  • Bowl Joint: 14mm
  • Height: 7"
  • STAX Decal

NOTE: Decal color may vary.