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Dude Lean Back With Ice Twist Large Bong Set Bongs

Dude Lean Back with Ice Twist Large Bong Set

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This is the Official Lean Back w/ Ice Twist Large Bong Set by Dude. The bong stands at 41 cm high and the joint size is 18.8mm. 

When you look at the bong will notice that the bong looks like it has being twisted, this allows the user to put in ice cubes into the bong this will provide the user with nothing but clean cool and smooth smoke. 

Whats Included

  • Own Custom made Aluminium Protective Box
  • Bowl and Downpipe
  • Dude Branded Shark Teeth Grinder
  • Dude Branded Lighter 
  • 5 Pipes Screens


This full kit is fantastic value and makes for a very handy gift set.