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Boobies N' Beer Glass

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This is one of those items that the picture does no justice! This is a HIGH QUALITY beer glass and holds 27 ounces of beer! It has some nice weight to it so it is not one of those lame thin glasses. It is hard to see from picture but ours even has detailed nipples on them as well! It looks so awesome when you fill this up with your favorite beer. For guys this is all we want in life...Boobies and Beer... so ladies pick one up for your man as he will love you for it.

Please Note: Each Boobies N' Beer Glass is individually hand crafted. Each glass will be unique, and may appear slightly different then pictured as they are all hand crafted.

Pick up some extra ones because everyone that sees it will want yours! Makes a awesome gift to any beer drinking man. Comes brand new / factory sealed in a awesome colorful display box with syrofoam inside for safe transport.

  • Comes brand new / factory sealed
  • Makes for a great gift
  • Really overpriced, but worth it. :D