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Who are we?

The Baked Potato, Co.
We're a group of bad ass social media ninjas, spud dealers, and computer geeks.
We sell dank spud, t-shirts, bongs, and other random shit. 
Our mission is to make a difference, ship dank spud, and have fun while we do it.


Co-Founder/Spud Dealer,

That one guy who thought it would be a good idea to sell potatoes, bongs, and dick soap. He's fucking insane.


Co-Founder/Spud Dealer,

Enjoys long walks on the beach, and sitting in a tree stand hunting for deer he'll never see.


Queen of The Spuds,

Loves sweating her non-existent balls off and working hard. Seriously though, we wouldn't be here without her.


Social Media/Spud Dealer,

That one guy that everyone thinks is funny until he offends you. Most people have no idea he's simply a social media wizard.


Social Media/Spud Dealer,

She run's the social media game around here. Invading your comments and such. She is the shit. A quote for our fans:

"Mommin aint easy" ~ Kristy

Andrew aka Drewski

Spud Dealer/Master of Promotion,

Drewski shares a love for video games, music, and socialist countries. Seriously though, this man works corners for us.

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