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Mini Puck Recycler Rig Ooze Bongs

MAV Glass Ooze Colored Mini Inverted Puck Recycler Rig

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Another amazing piece from the people at MAV Glass. Featuring an inverted puck perc, and a vortex drain. It's a great piece for anyone looking for a premium piece without taking up too much space.

Reinforced with a "dewar's joint", bridging the two joints to increase the strength of the joint to help prevent breakage. 


  • 5 inches tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • Bowl is included
  • Single uptake
  • Inverted puck perc
  • Vortex drain
  • Recycler
  • Color lip and base
  • Bent neck
  • Dewar's joint
  • MAV decal

      Fulfilled by MAV Glass