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Edible June Beetles - The Baked Potato Store
Edible June Beetles - The Baked Potato Store

Edible June Beetles

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Whether you're a weird fucker, or you just want to try some bugs. These will definitely leave a good taste in your mouth. No sarcasm there. If a 2 year old eats em, you should too.

June Beetles are members of the genus Phyllophaga (which means “leaf eaters”) and, as that name indicates, survive on a diet of the leaves of deciduous trees. Our June Beetles are carefully collected by select foragers. Once harvested they are cooked then dehydrated before being packed to preserve their freshness.


  • No added colors or preservatives
  • Fully cooked then dehydrated to preserve freshness
  • Sprinkled with seasoned salt
  • May be eaten straight from the package
  • Top salads with edible insects for a crunchy protein source 
  • Add to your favorite trail mix or granola
  • Pulverize in spice grinder, blender or food processor to create a protein powder to add to smoothies, doughs or batters 
  • Blend with bread crumbs and use for coating foods to be fried


Ingredients: June beetles, salt, sugar, garlic, paprika, turmeric, tapioca flour, rice bran oil.

Fulfilled and Supplied by Woodland Foods